Sunday, April 26, 2015

C4K #8, #9, and #10

Ethan’s blog post was a summary of the series “Series of Unfortunate Events”. In his summary, he points out and describes who the main characters are. Then explains how the parents die and how the children now live with the uncle who just wants their fortune.,d.b2w&psig=AFQjCNHmjpzrfhFlr5iMyG15q7qImZlRZQ&ust=1430195048592732
I commented that when I was younger that series of unfortunate events was one of my favorite series to read. He did a good job describing the three children.

In Tyson’s blog post, he was explaining his school’s first ever drive in movie night. He explained how there was going to be a truck with a giant screen to watch a movie outdoors.

I commented that I love to go to a drive in movie. I remembered in 5th grade when my class held a drive in movie on the football field.

In Ethan’s blog post, he explains his plans of making a video game company. He was going to create a game that has a great game-play and a story. He is not greedy and is going to sell his games for semi-cheap.

I commented that I love to play video games with a great game-play. He also had a pretty solid business plan laid out. Neat idea he had was to allow people to work at home as long as they put in the hours. 

Blog Post #5 Part 2

Personal learning networks are a great tool to have and are very resourceful. I have been using the program Symbaloo. It is a great site that helps you remain organized; on your homepage you can have links to many different websites. For me, it was pretty simple to get started; I just connected to my Facebook and I was good to go. On my homepage, I have different health websites and blogs to keep me updated, also have different fitness blogs connected to my homepage. With the personal learning networks, you can obtain endless amounts of resources that are beneficial.,d.b2w&psig=AFQjCNG_6Xg9HsqKeU332n50b5O-Fbr0TQ&ust=1430168194009022

Blog Post #16 Final Reflection

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blog Post #13

How can we incorporate Project Based Learning into Physical Education Classes?

Grade Level: 9-12th

Assignment: Have the students group up into teams of eight and establish a timeline of completion for one week. Once in teams, have them come up with engaging limited-contact to non-contact activities for other groups to participate in and that are appropriate for their age level. Each activity must contain an object, equipment, and rules. Once the teams are done developing their activities, they must present it to the class on either PowerPoint, video, and/or live demonstration.,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNG_0IxUb_W7RLDsu699r0QNmGsasg&ust=1429563321219922

Lesson Plans during Activities

-          Students must dress out in proper clothing for activities.
-          Start with a slow to moderate pace jog, two laps.
-          Proceed to full body stretching. “10-15 second per stretch”
-          Brief students of what is on the agenda.
-          Have constant supervision of the students during the activities.
-          Have a cool down period “Water and light Stretching”

-          Have the students change back into their school uniforms.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blog Post #12

C4T #4

In Ms. Erin’s blog she talks about this tool she recently found called homework help desk. She explains the features it has, where you can type in a math problem and within seconds it answers the math problem. She also goes through the features it has where it explains basic principles of both math and language arts.,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNH3ervVc2KnrWHQShqgFhO961-dmw&ust=1428975039744541

I commented that it is a very useful tool to have. It is great for someone looking for extra help outside of the classroom. As she stated in her blog, they were still building this website and hopefully it will expand to more subjects.